Let's do this!

Let's get some house keeping stuff out.

  • I started this project thinking it'd be finished in a month (we're now almost 4 months in).
  • I was starting to get sick of this project, but I'm starting to get excited again
  • I have work now so support myself through the project (Yes!)
  • It WILL be finished!

Great! Now that that's all over, let's get to the good stuff!

So I've started back up on this project after roughly a month hiatus.
I will be posting an updated version of the game just to keep myself sane; the new update will be free, but expect a $5(aud) version coming soon, which will have minimum 1 post release update (probably just a patch, but who knows there might be some secret snacks in it!)

I'm also going to start using this itch devlog thing more, even if it's just me reading it.
If you're interested at all in this project please support me by, telling me what you liked about the Jam game, and sharing the Jam version with friends!


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