A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game Requires 2-4 game pads and patience.

Weird Wood is a student project by

  • Alexander Ong (Programmer(Procedural Systems))
  • Benjamin Turner (Producer/Designer)
  • Jack Bruxner (Producer/Lead Artist/Designer)
  • Lily Harrison (Artist)
  • Ruairi Daws (Programmer(Gameplay Systems))

With supervision from Michael Mc Masters and Christian Mc Crea

The game is semi-complete and not really what we wanted it to end up like at all, we were confused about the project from the beginning and continued to be for ages. Rather than stopping and deciding to take major risks with our game we ended up funnelling all our efforts into a bad idea. (I blame trello)

Everyone involved in this project worked very hard and cared about this game at one point or another. The failure of this game comes down to lack of a clear concept and lack of motivation to take risks.

I might write a big diary thing in the future talking about this game and why i think it's important to me but for now i suggest you just play the game and take a guess why i find it important :)


*Yeah i did the logo... spent way to long on that damn thing


Left Stick = Move

Right Stick = Use Flashlight

Start is Pause

Objective: Don't get hit by monsters, find all the car parts.

Install instructions

Requires at least 1 controller to play
Game is for 2-4 Players.


Weird Wood Itch Version.rar 57 MB

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